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In a current society that is as fast paced as ever, people often wonder which came first; success or happiness? The real problem is determining what makes us truly happy and remembering to value that the most. Carl Richards asks us to really think about the people we know who

I just returned inspired and appreciative from the annual BAM Alliance conference in St. Louis. I continue to be impressed with the investment and wealth management resources that are available to Flourish Wealth Management by partnering with the BAM Alliance. The Conference also provided a rewarding opportunity to connect with the

It is hard to believe that it has already been 5 months since forming Flourish Wealth Management.  Each day I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue my passion for wealth management and am energized by my conversations with clients about helping them achieve life goals.  The firm continues to

This summer my family had the opportunity to participate in two family weddings.  With all the excitement and preparation for the “big day” with two families coming together, it is also important for the couple to prepare a strong foundation for money matters.  After all, conflict over money remains one

It is important to have a clear strategy for managing the market’s ever-unfolding uncertainties, staying focused on the right processes, the right tools, and the right mindset to guide you toward your goals. Your investment strategy is one you can apply with confidence through thick and thin.  Investors are otherwise too often

Carl Richards reminds us of the importance of staying focused on the long-term plan, which sometimes means not paying too much attention to the latest data point. It is also a great way to remember the importance of context. By Carl Richards  – This article originally appeared on www.nytimes.com on August 25,



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