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By Kathleen Longo on October 8, 2015. A recent article from Larry Swedroe, Director of Research for the BAM Alliance, talks about the role financial media plays in our investment plans. With so much information being provided every second, it is hard to know what media sites to listen to.

Time for Some Fall Cleaning Fall is officially here and it’s time to clean!  I know we usually think about cleaning as a chance to freshen things up when Spring arrives, but Fall is a perfect time for financial cleaning.  Let’s make some progress with a few of these financial

As the seasons change it is important to maintain a forward focus, despite the increasingly hectic routines of family and work calendars. In many respects the multiple activities piled onto our calendars are a good metaphor for the rapid changes we see in the stock market. That same type of

Carl Richards, Director of Investor Education for the BAM Alliance, posted an article in The New York Times asking people to consider how they value their time and attention. Our attention might be the most valuable asset we have. If you were asked to spend money each time you went

Summer is a great time to connect with friends and family. It presents so many wonderful opportunities to share a meal, attend family gatherings or simply relax with friends that sometimes it seems like the season can just fly right by. One idea to capitalize on these important moments of

Carl Richards, Director of Investor Education for the BAM Alliance, posted an article in the New York Times about the importance of not gambling with money you need for your short-term goals.  We want to make sure our clients have enough cash set aside to cover them for the next 2-3 years, even if it

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