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Kathy Longo

When I was in seventh grade, I went shopping with a friend and her brother. They were from an affluent family and encouraged me to buy a pair of Guess jeans even though the Guess jeans were much more money than anything my family normally bought. I had been earning

Kathy Longo

In a previous post, I spoke to the importance of identifying your “money story” – a memory or set of memories that helped shape how you feel about and approach money. Your first experiences with money set the tone for the emotions and motivations you attach to money, which affects the

Kathy Longo

You might be thinking, “who gets excited about finances??”  Instead, many people dread them and hope to avoid dealing with them altogether.  Therein lies the problem – when you don’t look at and deal with them, that’s when things don’t improve.  However, when you decide to not avoid them, approach

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