Stephanie Temporiti

Stephanie Temporiti


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Stephanie joined Flourish as a Wealth Manager in 2022. As a Wealth Manager based in St. Louis, Stephanie is thrilled to embrace the life-changing opportunity be part of a team of like-minded advisors who are passionate about helping clients live their best lives.

An important area of emphasis for Stephanie is to help clients and their families navigate key life transitions, including job changes, marriages, and divorces. Her previous work experiences include time at Buckingham Strategic Wealth in St. Louis, Summit Strategies Group in St. Louis, and Wells Fargo in St. Louis.
Stephanie is passionate about helping clients identify their financial aspirations and then working to build a plan to make those dreams a reality. She believes money is a tool to support the kind of life that matters most to each person. Helping clients understand what is most important to them, and then aligning their money to support those values, gives Stephanie the greatest professional and personal satisfaction she could ever hope for.

Stephanie is a proud mother who lives in St. Louis with her family.


To Flourish means feeling free to pursue your most fulfilling life, knowing the right safety nets have been put in place for when life’s changes inevitably occur. Flourishing means focusing on what is within your control and spending your most precious resource – time – with the people and passions that mean the most to you.


Night Film
by Marisha Pessl

Mystery novels are my preferred genre and this book had me sleeping with the lights on! It’s my go-to recommendation for anyone who wants to get wrapped up in a novel they won’t be able to put down.


My passions are cycling, yoga, Pilates, Mediterranean food, rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals, reading, Sudoku and a friendly game of Scrabble. Spending time with my children and my better half gives me the greatest joy of all.

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Flourish is Ten Years Old!

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to empower and serve you with values-based financial planning. In 2024, we celebrate our 10th anniversary with immense gratitude for your trust and support. Here’s to many more years of flourishing financially, together!

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