Episode 9: Learning the Lingo

FFC Episode09 Learning the lingo 1200
The more you know about finance, the better you can manage your money.

For this week’s challenge, I’m going to encourage you to wade through something that many people avoid, but which is necessary if you really want to take charge of your money – financial jargon. Learning to “speak finance” is a lot like learning a foreign language. Yes, many financial terms are confusing, but with a little time and patience, the terminology becomes approachable. It’s important to get comfortable with financial lingo for two reasons: 1) it helps you build confidence and overcome mindset challenges about money, and 2) it allows you to understand concepts and ask savvy questions when speaking with your financial advisor.

Don’t forget to visit https://flourishfinanciallychallenge.com to login and track your progress. Complete fifty challenges and you will receive a free hardcover copy of Kathy Longo’s book, Flourish Financially, as well as a customized Amazon Echo Dot. For more information about Kathy, her firm, and the great things they are doing for people like you, visit www.flourishwealthmanagement.com Don’t forget to leave a review on our Alexa skill and keep Flourishing!

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A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to empower and serve you with values-based financial planning. In 2024, we celebrate our 10th anniversary with immense gratitude for your trust and support. Here’s to many more years of flourishing financially, together!

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