Flourish Webinar Recording: Market Perspectives (Coronavirus Edition)

Kathy Longo (Founder and Principal) and Jay Pluimer (Director of Investments) hosted a live client webinar on Tuesday, March 17th to share their perspectives about impacts on the financial and investment environment from Coronavirus. A link to the recording is included below which includes both the audio and the visuals from the webinar. Unfortunately, due to a technology glitch, the introduction to the presentation wasn’t included in the video.

Kathy introduced the Webinar as a reflection of our team’s desire to share important perspective for clients (current and in transition) and friends about how the Coronavirus has affected all of us. She noted that the Webinar is being recorded from Jay and Kathy’s home as the Flourish team is all working remotely to protect the health and safety of our clients and team. We have a thorough plan in place for this situation with the caveat that we are still working through some technology glitches (as reflected in the lost 3 minutes of the video and the incoming phone call that popped up on everybody’s screen). Our team is available by phone and e-mail, which is particularly important in this stressful environment. We understand the emotional, psychological and financial difficulty of the past month, and our goal is to be here for you to help in any way possible during this challenging time.

Kathy explained that we had a list of client questions that were submitted before the webinar plus additional questions that came in during the presentation. We will share the slide deck along with the replay video to everybody. The Webinar will include an initial presentation from Jay for 15-20 minutes and then the rest of our time will be focused on Q&A. With that background, we hope you enjoy the following 42 minute Webinar:

Follow along with our presentation slides here.

Watch on Youtube.

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