Flourish Wealth Management Named One of the Top Rated Financial Advisors in Minnesota | 2017

Flourish Wealth Management Award Emblem RedThis is the second year that Flourish has been awarded as one of the top rated financial advisors in Minnesota by AdvisoryHQ.

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Here’s What AdvisoryHQ had to say:

“Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top Wealth Management Firm in Minneapolis

The following characteristics enabled Flourish Wealth Management to be ranked as one of the top Minneapolis financial advisory firms.

Independent Fee-Only Advisor

Edina-based Flourish Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm in Minneapolis and nearby suburbs.

As such, the firm’s advisors do not receive referral fees, commissions or other forms of compensation from third-parties, which lets the company independently evaluate the merits of products and services it recommends to its clients.

Registered Investment Advisor

As an SEC-registered investment advisory firm in Minneapolis, Flourish Wealth Management acts as an investment fiduciary to its clients. This puts a binding legal responsibility on the firm and its advisors to always act in the best interest of clients.

Focus on Women’s Wealth Management Needs

The firm offers a unique set of investment and wealth management and advisory services that focuses on the needs of female clients.

From women in transition (separations, divorce, loss of a loved one), to female executives and independent business owners, Flourish Wealth Management has built its advisory capabilities to address distinctive financial needs of women.

Strong Alliances/Partnerships

As a top-ranked financial advisor in the Minneapolis area, Edina-based Flourish Wealth Management leverages its strategic alliance with BAM Advisor Services, LLC to deliver value-added benefits to its clients.

As part of a 140+ member network, the BMA partnership allows the company to operate independently while taking advantage of collective synergies—including cost-effective investment products and services, cutting-edge technology, and highly effective back-office support—for its clients.”

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