Grant Shaffer

Grant Shaffer, CSRIC®


Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Grant has been part of the Flourish team since 2020. He originally joined the Investment Team as an intern, followed by additional experience as a Senior Resident working with the Wealth Management Team.

Grant loves his role as an Associate Wealth Manager because it allows him to make a meaningful impact on clients’ lives by helping them achieve their personal and financial goals. In addition, he is passionate about the opportunity to support charitable giving initiatives because it reinforces our commitment to social responsibility and provides opportunities to positively contribute to the well-being of the communities we serve. He enjoys the challenge of helping the firm grow with his Finance and Information Systems background as he implements new tools and technology for Flourish.

Grant lives in Rosemount with his girlfriend, Allison, and his dog, Phil.


Flourishing goes beyond physical and emotional well-being; it embodies the autonomy to make choices aligned with values and goals. Each person is unique and deserves the opportunity to flourish by finding a fulfilling and meaningful life. In essence, flourishing is about realizing my full potential and experiencing a profound sense of contentment and purpose.


Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
by Emmanuel Acho

This book is a favorite of mine because it encourages dialogue and engages in conversations about race and diversity. The book also prompts personal growth by challenging preconceived notions.


Spending quality time with friends and family is always a highlight of my weekends. Together, we enjoy dinners, movie nights, or playing board games.

Training Phil (Phyllis), my ever-enthusiastic dog, is another passion of mine. Watching her learn new tricks and witnessing her boundless energy during outdoor adventures is a source of endless joy.

When I travel, I prefer exploring the great outdoors to a beach vacation. Golfing is a favorite hobby of mine. I also enjoy finding a new recipe to make and trying new foods and cuisines.

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Flourish is Ten Years Old!

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to empower and serve you with values-based financial planning. In 2024, we celebrate our 10th anniversary with immense gratitude for your trust and support. Here’s to many more years of flourishing financially, together!

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