Episode 48: Teaching Kids About Investing

If you’ve been talking with your kids about personal finance topics like saving, spending, and sticking to a budget, why not introduce the concept of investing, too? Parents are usually a child’s most powerful influence when it comes to money values, financial literacy, and financial decision-making. If you’re already talking with your kids about personal […]

How to Raise Privileged Kids Who Never Catch ‘Affluenza’

baby feet

Do you remember the 2015 news coverage of a Texas teenager caught fleeing the country to avoid the consequences he was facing after violating probation? During his drunken driving trial, a psychologist coined the term “affluenza” to refer to the impact financial privilege can have on a child’s ability to understand the impact of his […]

Flourish is Ten Years Old!

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to empower and serve you with values-based financial planning. In 2024, we celebrate our 10th anniversary with immense gratitude for your trust and support. Here’s to many more years of flourishing financially, together!

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